Welcome to my e-portfolio.

My name is Emilie Drishinski. I am a current MBA student at the University of Montana. In 2016 I graduated from Utah State University where I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Law and Constitutional Studies. My passion is for business – specifically event planning and management. I have planned and executed many national and international conferences for prestigious organizations. I find myself to be very detail oriented and organized which has helped to have many successes in this field.

I also have an interest in finance and the corporate side of business. I have managed multiple budgets up to $300,000. I have analyzed, examined, interpreted records, compiled financial information, and reconciled reports and financial data for several accounts. I have found my experience in accounting to be very beneficial to me personally as well as professionally.

Lastly I have a love for politics. I found this passion at the age of 8 when I began watching local news stations. This passion turned into watching Fox News, CNN, and other political stations by the age of 12. I don’t love politics for the need to argue or debate, but rather for the necessary knowledge of helping a democratic society to run efficiently.

I have a passion for learning and developing a more efficient way of doing things. This e-portfolio will serve as a testimony of my academical achievement, work experience, skills, qualifications, and ultimately my desire to better society as a whole.