Skills and Qualifications 

  • MBA Student
  • Bachelor’s in Law and Constitutional Studies
  • Associates of Arts
  • Associates of Science
  • Planning and coordinating of both national and international conferences
  • Ensuring implementation of policies and practices
  • Create financial reports
  • Analyze, examined, and interpreted records, compiled financial information, and reconciled reports and financial data
  • Experience in managing finances (budgeting, reconciling, and all other accounting responsibilities)
  • Experience managing multiple budgets up to $300,000
  • Effective listening, organization, and writing skills
  • Computer Skills (Microsoft office, Banner, Catbooks, Social Media including YouTube)
  • Managing and teaching experience.
  • Persistent and driven
  • Adapt to anything technical in nature as demonstrated effectively.
  • Direct the planning and execution of national and international events (meetings, fundraising events) for prestigious organizations.
  • CPR/First Aid certified
  • Certified Notary

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